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Coast to Coast

Posted on Tuesday, 19 June 2018 . Permalink

Rob Gale walked the Coast to Coast in June, to make our Season Update. Thanks Rob! Many days saw brilliant spring weather, of the type that lucky trekkers get in May or June.

The classic green fields and open hillsides of the Lake District.

New 'aw' signs after Alfred Wainwright, originator of the Coast to Coast route. Traditionally the CTC has not been marked as its own trail, instead running along existing paths and being described in books (and our routecards!) The National Parks take charge of their own signage and here is a Yorkshire Dales National Park sign.

On route to Kirkby Stephen the trail drops to Smardale Bridge.

Kirkby Stephen's church yard.

Here is a typical wooden signpost on the Coast to Coast.

On Nine Standards Rigg, a Yorkshire Dales view.

Nine Standards Rigg.

Coastal views, nearing Robin Hood's Bay. The CTC walks along short sections of coastline at either end.

Near Moor Row, the metal signposts on the old railway path.

Coast to Coast - please join us!

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